Alexander Rykhlov
The work done ahead of schedule, vehicle inspection actually performed and results explained, other services recommended but not pressured. All for very reasonable price. Awesome! Thanks to Rafael C service adviser, very professional job.
Oscar Avelar
The people here have helped me several times. Today is Christmas Eve and I have a cracked radiator. The agent helping me offered a much better price and told me he could have me on my way before they closed. Definitely saved my holiday! Thank you!!
Rudy Drogt
I set up appointment the day before. My regular service advisor does not work there anymore. The lady on the phone gave me and appointment with Glenn, someone I have never seen before nor has he seen me. As soon as I pulled up and opened my car door Glenn was out there ready to greet me, even called me by name.. I always appreciate the service i get from Nissan, I own another car that isn't a Nissan and when I go and get service at that cars dealership that personal touch isn't there..
Adam M
Excellent Auto Techs at this location, as well as a variety of available parts in stock and amazing customer service
Daniel Callison
Absolutely wonderful staff. Fantastic service in the front of the house that made everything easy. All I had done was a replacement on a plastic trim piece and it was done very well. Got my truck back washed and that was a nice touch.
Kenny P.E
It was a great experience, had Danny assist me, the thing was that i had to get the transmission on my car fixed, and i was counting on my warranty to fix that, and they actually helped me with that, not only they did got me a new transmission for my car but also got me a rental 4 the days i had no car, Thank you Danny and the mission Hills team for all your cooperation. GOD BLESS.
Alexandra Martinez
Everyone was so friendly and helpful! Especially Marlen she was the one to help me find my car and was super helpful
martin kelly
Good customer service. Noticed as soon as a customer entered the building if for sales or service a Nissan Rep were there to help. Didn't wait long while the service was being done.
sheena tankersley
It was time for my, 6 Months service. This gentleman, was very kind, and patience with me. He listened to my, questions, which I thought, was silly, one he had the answer to, the other one he found the answer to. A Great Guys, That You Need Too Keep. Best Regards Sheena T.
Adam Sanchez
The only reason why I come to Nissan Of Mission Hills is because of Andrew Moreno in the Service Department! 🥇
I've been coming to this location for years and he's never let me down once! What I appreciate is his honesty and telling me what my vehicles really need.
Andrew's professionalism is on point but still able to make the situation humorous which really goes a long way making a customer feel welcomed.
Thank you Andrew Moreno, Nissan of Mission Hills, and the rest of the staff for making every experience perfect!

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